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Immune Booster Garlic Mo Muscle Special Joint Blend
Good Dog Shampoo Flaxseed Oil Kitamin Fly & Insect Repellent
Sooth Skin Shampoo Kennel Dust Wound Ointment Water Rover Bowls

Canine Immune Booster

  Canine Immune Booster A unique blend of natural herbs developed to provide optimal support to strengthen the immune system in Dogs. Recommended Amount: 1 Tablespoon per day for dogs over 50 lbs. 1 Teaspoon per day for dogs under 50 lbs. Available: 8 oz., 1 lb. and 3 lb. Active Ingredients: Clever, Hawthorne Berry, Garlic, Rosehip, Nettle, Kelp, Red Clover  
8 oz  $31.50
1 lb  $55.25
3 lb  $86.50

  Granulated high sulfur garlic may help with some of the discomfort associated with internal and external parasites. Also, may provide nutritional support to resist infections. Recommended Amount: Up to 22 lbs, 1 teaspoon; 23 and over; 1 tablespoon Available: 8 oz., 1 lb. and 3 lb. Active Ingredients: Garlic Granulate  
8 oz  $25.25
1 lb  $30.50
3 lb  $50.50

  Kitamins A natural source of vitamins and minerals to help promote a stong immune system and healthy coat for your pet. Recommended Amount:  Sprinkle 1 teaspoon per day over food based upon upon 50 lb dog.  (teaspoon scoop provided) Available: 8 oz, 1 lb and 3 lb Active Ingredients: Kelp, Flaxseed Inactive Ingredients:  Beef flavor enhancer 
8 oz  $15.50
1 lb  $27.00
3 lb  $44.75
Mo Muscle

  Helps Promote Muscle Growth and Strength.

Special blend of natural ingredients. Recommended for all goat breeds.

Directions: 1 scoop twice daily  

8 oz  $31.00
1 lb  $41.75
3 lb  $84.50
Special Joint Blend - Canine

  Special Joint Blend-Canine Contains a blend of herbs with chondrotin sulfate, glucosamine, and MSM to provide stronger, healthier joints.

Recommended Amount: 1 Tablespoon per day for dogs over 50 lbs. 1 Teaspoon per day for dogs under 50 lbs. Available: 8 oz, 1 lb and 3 lb Active Ingredients: Yucca, Devils Claw, Chondrotin Sulfate, Glucosamine, MSM. Inactive Ingredients:Beef flavor

8 oz  $52.50
1 lb  $84.50
3 lb  $212.50
Flaxseed Oil

  Flaxseed Oil Flaxseed is high in Omega 3 fatty acids.  Promotes a shiny, healthy coat.

Recommended amount:  1 Teaspoon under 50 lbs.  1 Tablespoon over 50 lbs. Available:  8 oz., 1/2 Gallon and 1 Gallon. Ingredients:  Flaxseed

8 oz $8.00
 1/2 gal  $28.00
 1 gal  $48.00
Fly & Insect Repellent

  Fly & Insect Repellent Fresh, clean smelling spray helps repel flies, gnats, ticks, fleas and misquitoes. Makes twice as much as leading competitors! Directions: We recommend that you brush the animal to remove excess dust and dirt. Maximum results are obtained on a clean coat. Empty 2 ounces into a one quart spray bottle, fill with water. Hold bottle approximately 12 inches from the animal. Avoid spraying near the eyes. For these areas, apply liquid to a cloth and wipe the animal's face. Available: 4 oz. bottle (concentrated) 1 gal. bottle (concentrated) Ingredients: Polysorbate, Cedarwood, Cintronella, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Pennyroyal, Peppermint & Tea Tree Oil
4 oz  $11.75
1 gal  $84.00
Good Dog Shampoo

Good Dog Shampoo Concentrated Shampoo & Conditioner with Tea Tree Oil The ingredients in this fine Shampoo/Conditioner help keep the coat healthy and shining. Tea Tree Oil helps prevent itching and dry skin. Rinses out easily leaving the skin healthy and the hair soft, shiny and fragrant. Available: 16 oz. bottle Case of 6 - 16 oz. bottles
16 oz  $8.50
6 / case $46.00
Kennel Dust


Directions: Sprinkle around kennel and animal bedding. Sprinkle on animals and rub in excess powder by brushing.  Product may be removed from animal by bathing with soap and water. Wash hands after use. Available: 2 oz, 8 oz, and 3 lb. Ingredients: Diatomaceous Earth, Lemon Balm, Lavender, Eucalyptus, and other Herbal Powders.

2 oz  $10.00
 8 oz  $13.75
3 lb  $39.50
Sooth Skin Shampoo

  Sooth Skin An anti-itch shampoo used to relieve symptoms of itchy, flaky skin. Available: 16 oz Bottle

16 oz  $15.00

Wound Ointment

  Wound Ointment All natural ointment that promotes healing of minor cuts, burns, wounds, fungus and infections.

Apply externally as needed. Available in: 16 ounce size

16 oz  $12.50


Water Rover  Mini Bowl

8 oz

Water Rover Makes it Easy for responsible pet owners to take water with them wherever they go. With this durable, lightweight water bowl and attached bottle, Water Rover™ is. . .

  • Hands Free - Clips to belt or waist band
  • Leak-Free - Even when held upside down
  • Waste-Free - Extra water tips back into the bottle
  • Hassle-Free - Wide mouth bottle is easy to fill with water and ice

. . .and available in small and large sizes, including the extra-large 55 ounce model, and six colors.

Water Rover™is Simple to Use. When your pet is thirsty, just unplug the bottle, lay the Water Rover™ flat on the ground, and the water will automatically flow into the round bowl. When your pet is through drinking, tip the extra water back into the bottle, replace the plug, and clip the Water Rover™ back onto your belt or waistband.

Great for Pet Outings, Perfect for Pet Travel. Pet owners often underestimate how much water their pets need - don't let them dehydrate! Take Water Rover™ along whenever you and your pet leave home - walks, jogs, picnics, trips to the beach, road trips, vacations, etc. - to ensure your pet always has fresh water available.

Order Today and see how Water Rover™ will make you and your pet happy!


Mini Bowl 8oz $7.25
Mini 24 /case $174.00
Water Rover Small Bowl 
15 oz

Small Bowl  15oz $7.75
Small 24 /case $185.00
Water Rover Small Bowl 
26 oz

Small Bowl 26oz $10.00
       Small 26oz 12 /case $120.00
Water Rover Large Bowl 
26 oz

 Large Bowl 26oz $12.50
      Large 26 oz 12 /case $150.00
Water Rover Large Bowl 
55 oz

Extra Large Bowl 55oz $15.50
Extra Large 55 oz 12 /case $185.00
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